Saturday, 29 October 2011



I have decided to be illogical, irrational just for today.I dont know whats the serial number of this article .Readers might have noticed that since 25th Oct 2011, there is no new post. Why ? No reason as such.In marathi , there is an apt word for this " KANTALA ".This I dont know how to translate in English.May be we can call this lethargy or laziness or lack of enthusiasm or lack of creativity or lack of the impulse to express or may be it is the lack of the desire to share any thing. Things were becoming quite mundane in the blog. It was becoming a diary like thing.When I started the blog, my intent was not to keep a logbook. May be off late I noticed that in my posts ,I have not been able write any thing really material and concrete as such. Unless there is an intrinsic zeal and urge ,what to post ? It was becoming a rather mechanical activity . When I think over this tendency, I also notice that this is practically true with all tasks in my life.There is no consistency or continuity in my activities.Therefore No routine has become my routine.. I need some novelty some excitement.Otherwise it becomes a very dull process. That's why there this little break in the blog posting . Want to again go back to my earlier brainwave of " SWANTAH SUKHAY " ( Doing for own happinness ). All said and done, it cannot be done purely for own satisfaction alone. There has to be a readership involved.When I see the page views of the blog, I do get an inner motivation. When I started writing the blog in this spell ( around 11th oct 2011, I remember the page views were some thing like 25 or around.Now it has grown up to 571 pageviews. This is some thing which gives me intrinsic satisfaction. But I had thought that I shall be just doing it for myself.Irrespective of any one reading the post or not , is immaterial to me .But that's not happening . In short " SUKHE DUKHE SAME KRITWA LABHALABHAU JAYA JAYO, TATO UDDHAYA UJJWASYA NAIVAM PAPAM VYAPSASI " FREE TRANSLATION : Considering the pleasure and pain alike ,equalizing the feat and defeat alike, just indulge into the fight .Thus you shall never be getting any PAP". One more attempt at translation : When you don't bother whether you achieve the success or be defeated, when you are not much concerned about your accomplishments.You are indulged in any activity just for the sake of it, you may not get any credit for it and nor any discredit . Not more trial at expressing the right meaning. " Just involve yourself in the battle .Don't worry about the results.results could be in your favour or may not be.Don't bother what you gain through the process.just keep on doing the it." Question is ,is it really possible ? I realize it is possible but may not be practically possible all the rime.A cook has to consider the feedback of the target audience. Therefore .all said and done, it is not possible to isolate myself from my readers while writing the blog.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 18: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). NO HORNS NO FOLLOW UP AT ALL: When I got up in the early morning, I casually glanced across the window which opens up on the main road. There was a long line up of the vehicles on the road. Crawling on the road the vehicle owners were appreciably patient. 1. No honking of the horns. 2. No on trying to overtake. 3. Enough distance between two successive vehicles. 4. No one expressing any discomfort by body language or vehicle language. 5. There was no traffic police visible on the spot. 6. As such, so far I have not seen any traffic constables at any of the traffic junctions. 7. For that matter I have not seen any one actually regulating the traffic: physically.


ARTICLE NO 17: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). 1. CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS ON THE NEIGHBOURING PLOT ; 1. Today they brought these vehicles to the site : a. Poclain b. Trawler for Poclain c. Lift for Poclain d. Dumper e. Multipurpose Vans 2. Beginning of the day saw the multipurpose vans from the demolition contractor being parked on the rear side of the bungalow. 3. Next task was to take the dumper inside the gate and position it properly so that the demolished stuff can be directly transferred to the dumper. 4. Next activity was to unload the Poclain itself from the trawler at the site. This was done with the help of the crane which shifted the Poclain to the platform which had a slope. Poclain was taken down on the ground. It positioned itself after the dumper.
5. Now imagine the vehicles positioned as follows : a. Multipurpose vans inside the premises b. Dumper inside the gate on the left side of the entrance gate. c. Poclain standing just at the entrance gate. d. Now unless the Poclain is shifted out, dumper cannot be moved and unless dumper can be moved, the multipurpose vans cannot be taken out. (Does not seem to be proper .in case of any emergency, there is practically no movement possible through the gate. But no value judgements at this stage of the work.Although it looks rather clumsy it has ensured that entire activities are confined within the premises.the front road traffic is not at all affected.. e. Now the Poclain has been used to demolish the first structure which is single storied and is exactly opposite the entrance. 6. They had brought with them barricades (weld mesh in tubular frames of length 8”and height 7’).One person erected these barricades at the gate. So now there is no pedestrian or vehicular movement possible through the gate. 7. I liked this arrangement. Now no one can wander inside the site .In case someone does so, it is unauthorised. Wonderful. 8. I forgot to tell you earlier that we received a letter from the (neighbourhood) builder .The letter introduced the contractor firm and also gave its time table for the construction. It has contact no’s of the managing director of the firm and the manager of the site. The letter assured minimum disturbance to the local environment due to the construction and welcomed dialogue in case of any more information was sought from them.

700th Verse of Bhagwad Geeta

ARTICLE NO 19: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). Loud thinking on the 700TH verse of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta .It states : “YATRA YOGESHWARAH KRISHNO YATRA PARTHO DHANURDHARAH TATRA SHRIRVIJAYO BHUTIRDHRUVA NEETIRMATIRMAMAH “ First let me try a verbatim translation: “The Victory and wealth shall be permanently on that side where Arjun is holding the bow and where there is Lord Shrikrishna “ Let us rearrange : “The victory and wealth shall remain on that side where none other than Lord Shrikrishna is available for guidance and where Arjun ,holding the bow is geared up to carry out Lord’s instructions ; this is what I think “ “Sanjaya says : To my mind , wherever Lord himself is present for providing the guidance and wherever Arjuna is poised to execute His instructions the victory and wealth have to be available on a permanent basis “ Now a liberal transcription: This is the final verse of The Bhagwad Geeta. Here the Eighteenth chapter is going to conclude. So the entire knowledge and teaching of Geeta has to be retold in a way that could be easy to remember and follow. Lord Shrikrishna has been described in many ways throughout the Geeta . for example : Hrishikesh, Keshav, Madhusudan , Krishna , Achyut etc. But in the last verse, Shrikrishna is being addressed as “YOGESHWARAH”. Why so ? I think because it is implied that the teacher is “ Yogeshwarah” . What’s yoga ? Geeta describes “ Samtwam yogah uchyate “ yoga means equality, lack of bias or prejudice. In the 9th chapter of Geeta ,the word Yoga has been used as “ YOGKSHEMA VAHAMYAHAM “ means providing what’s not there ( YOGA ) and protecting what has been provided ( KSHEMA ) On similar lines, Arjuna has also been described by other adjectives such as “Partha, Dhananjaya, and Kaunteya etc. However, in this verse, Arjuna has been addressed as the “Partha Dhanurdharah “Why this repetition? Partha itself was adequate to tell about Arjuna .Why then “Dhanurdharah Partha”? My view: Shrikrishna symbolises the Guru or the teacher and Arjuna the Shishya or the disciple. Dhanurdharah adjective has been used to describe Arjuna in the posture of readiness. He actively possesses the bow. He is on a standby mode for the task. He just needs a signal from Teacher. After receiving signal, there shall not be any delay. That kind of alertness is implied. Here Kaunteya (Son of Kunti) is not used to describe Arjuna. There is one more thing .The second line emphasizes that both “Shree “and “Vijay” shall be eternally on that side where Yogeshwarah Krishna and Dhanurdhari Arjuna are present “ What is this Shree? It has got many hues such as “Lakshmi, wealth, prosperity, stability, durability, longevity, money, esteem, respect or any virtues which make a person truly respectable in the society. What’s Vijay? It’s Victory, winning, decision in one’s favour. So is “Shree” end result of “Vijaya”? Or” Vijaya” implies the possession of “Shree “? To my mind Shree and Vijaya are two sides of the same coin. Then why there is this repetition? “Shree r Vijayo “? Or maybe the word Shree is prefixed to Vijay to indicate that it shall be a well deserved victory?