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Shri Swami Samartha
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Welcome !

This web page is created just for you.

Here you shall be able to know about my recent activities .

I belong to India .I travelled to United Kingdom in June 09 .

Since then I have visited many locations as follows:

Leeds, York, Hull,Castle Ford, Doover (within UK) and

Switzerland, France ,Germany,Belgium in Europe

On my first day at Leeds, I read these lines from Consult Marjorie Orr now :

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)New
"Maybe you are questioning almost all your old beliefs, religious, philosophical and educational at the moment.
But if you don't keep asking then you will not find out what you need to know.
Just give yourself time.
This is a time for broad thinking.
Your confidence will be soaring.
Let yourself write or speak out if you feel the urge."

this is perfectly true even today.

As a outcome of this internal question answer session, I wrote a few articles ( and the process goes on)

Pray become my esteemed reader.Cool

I request you to read my articles and be my critique.

Your suggestions are most welcome.

My Articles published on Bukisa & Triond are displayed in the widgets on the left side.

Just pick up the article you like and start reading.

I am sure you shall enjoy these articles.

Thank you so much for the your kind visit .

I am quite obliged to you for the precious time spent here

have a nice time.

Oh,yeah,one more request,if you have time, please have a look here:

Down the memory lanes

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