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I have decided to be illogical, irrational just for today.I dont know whats the serial number of this article .Readers might have noticed that since 25th Oct 2011, there is no new post. Why ? No reason as such.In marathi , there is an apt word for this " KANTALA ".This I dont know how to translate in English.May be we can call this lethargy or laziness or lack of enthusiasm or lack of creativity or lack of the impulse to express or may be it is the lack of the desire to share any thing. Things were becoming quite mundane in the blog. It was becoming a diary like thing.When I started the blog, my intent was not to keep a logbook. May be off late I noticed that in my posts ,I have not been able write any thing really material and concrete as such. Unless there is an intrinsic zeal and urge ,what to post ? It was becoming a rather mechanical activity . When I think over this tendency, I also notice that this is practically true with all tasks in my life.There is no consistency or continuity in my activities.Therefore No routine has become my routine.. I need some novelty some excitement.Otherwise it becomes a very dull process. That's why there this little break in the blog posting . Want to again go back to my earlier brainwave of " SWANTAH SUKHAY " ( Doing for own happinness ). All said and done, it cannot be done purely for own satisfaction alone. There has to be a readership involved.When I see the page views of the blog, I do get an inner motivation. When I started writing the blog in this spell ( around 11th oct 2011, I remember the page views were some thing like 25 or around.Now it has grown up to 571 pageviews. This is some thing which gives me intrinsic satisfaction. But I had thought that I shall be just doing it for myself.Irrespective of any one reading the post or not , is immaterial to me .But that's not happening . In short " SUKHE DUKHE SAME KRITWA LABHALABHAU JAYA JAYO, TATO UDDHAYA UJJWASYA NAIVAM PAPAM VYAPSASI " FREE TRANSLATION : Considering the pleasure and pain alike ,equalizing the feat and defeat alike, just indulge into the fight .Thus you shall never be getting any PAP". One more attempt at translation : When you don't bother whether you achieve the success or be defeated, when you are not much concerned about your accomplishments.You are indulged in any activity just for the sake of it, you may not get any credit for it and nor any discredit . Not more trial at expressing the right meaning. " Just involve yourself in the battle .Don't worry about the results.results could be in your favour or may not be.Don't bother what you gain through the process.just keep on doing the it." Question is ,is it really possible ? I realize it is possible but may not be practically possible all the rime.A cook has to consider the feedback of the target audience. Therefore .all said and done, it is not possible to isolate myself from my readers while writing the blog.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 18: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). NO HORNS NO FOLLOW UP AT ALL: When I got up in the early morning, I casually glanced across the window which opens up on the main road. There was a long line up of the vehicles on the road. Crawling on the road the vehicle owners were appreciably patient. 1. No honking of the horns. 2. No on trying to overtake. 3. Enough distance between two successive vehicles. 4. No one expressing any discomfort by body language or vehicle language. 5. There was no traffic police visible on the spot. 6. As such, so far I have not seen any traffic constables at any of the traffic junctions. 7. For that matter I have not seen any one actually regulating the traffic: physically.


ARTICLE NO 17: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). 1. CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS ON THE NEIGHBOURING PLOT ; 1. Today they brought these vehicles to the site : a. Poclain b. Trawler for Poclain c. Lift for Poclain d. Dumper e. Multipurpose Vans 2. Beginning of the day saw the multipurpose vans from the demolition contractor being parked on the rear side of the bungalow. 3. Next task was to take the dumper inside the gate and position it properly so that the demolished stuff can be directly transferred to the dumper. 4. Next activity was to unload the Poclain itself from the trawler at the site. This was done with the help of the crane which shifted the Poclain to the platform which had a slope. Poclain was taken down on the ground. It positioned itself after the dumper.
5. Now imagine the vehicles positioned as follows : a. Multipurpose vans inside the premises b. Dumper inside the gate on the left side of the entrance gate. c. Poclain standing just at the entrance gate. d. Now unless the Poclain is shifted out, dumper cannot be moved and unless dumper can be moved, the multipurpose vans cannot be taken out. (Does not seem to be proper .in case of any emergency, there is practically no movement possible through the gate. But no value judgements at this stage of the work.Although it looks rather clumsy it has ensured that entire activities are confined within the premises.the front road traffic is not at all affected.. e. Now the Poclain has been used to demolish the first structure which is single storied and is exactly opposite the entrance. 6. They had brought with them barricades (weld mesh in tubular frames of length 8”and height 7’).One person erected these barricades at the gate. So now there is no pedestrian or vehicular movement possible through the gate. 7. I liked this arrangement. Now no one can wander inside the site .In case someone does so, it is unauthorised. Wonderful. 8. I forgot to tell you earlier that we received a letter from the (neighbourhood) builder .The letter introduced the contractor firm and also gave its time table for the construction. It has contact no’s of the managing director of the firm and the manager of the site. The letter assured minimum disturbance to the local environment due to the construction and welcomed dialogue in case of any more information was sought from them.

700th Verse of Bhagwad Geeta

ARTICLE NO 19: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). Loud thinking on the 700TH verse of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta .It states : “YATRA YOGESHWARAH KRISHNO YATRA PARTHO DHANURDHARAH TATRA SHRIRVIJAYO BHUTIRDHRUVA NEETIRMATIRMAMAH “ First let me try a verbatim translation: “The Victory and wealth shall be permanently on that side where Arjun is holding the bow and where there is Lord Shrikrishna “ Let us rearrange : “The victory and wealth shall remain on that side where none other than Lord Shrikrishna is available for guidance and where Arjun ,holding the bow is geared up to carry out Lord’s instructions ; this is what I think “ “Sanjaya says : To my mind , wherever Lord himself is present for providing the guidance and wherever Arjuna is poised to execute His instructions the victory and wealth have to be available on a permanent basis “ Now a liberal transcription: This is the final verse of The Bhagwad Geeta. Here the Eighteenth chapter is going to conclude. So the entire knowledge and teaching of Geeta has to be retold in a way that could be easy to remember and follow. Lord Shrikrishna has been described in many ways throughout the Geeta . for example : Hrishikesh, Keshav, Madhusudan , Krishna , Achyut etc. But in the last verse, Shrikrishna is being addressed as “YOGESHWARAH”. Why so ? I think because it is implied that the teacher is “ Yogeshwarah” . What’s yoga ? Geeta describes “ Samtwam yogah uchyate “ yoga means equality, lack of bias or prejudice. In the 9th chapter of Geeta ,the word Yoga has been used as “ YOGKSHEMA VAHAMYAHAM “ means providing what’s not there ( YOGA ) and protecting what has been provided ( KSHEMA ) On similar lines, Arjuna has also been described by other adjectives such as “Partha, Dhananjaya, and Kaunteya etc. However, in this verse, Arjuna has been addressed as the “Partha Dhanurdharah “Why this repetition? Partha itself was adequate to tell about Arjuna .Why then “Dhanurdharah Partha”? My view: Shrikrishna symbolises the Guru or the teacher and Arjuna the Shishya or the disciple. Dhanurdharah adjective has been used to describe Arjuna in the posture of readiness. He actively possesses the bow. He is on a standby mode for the task. He just needs a signal from Teacher. After receiving signal, there shall not be any delay. That kind of alertness is implied. Here Kaunteya (Son of Kunti) is not used to describe Arjuna. There is one more thing .The second line emphasizes that both “Shree “and “Vijay” shall be eternally on that side where Yogeshwarah Krishna and Dhanurdhari Arjuna are present “ What is this Shree? It has got many hues such as “Lakshmi, wealth, prosperity, stability, durability, longevity, money, esteem, respect or any virtues which make a person truly respectable in the society. What’s Vijay? It’s Victory, winning, decision in one’s favour. So is “Shree” end result of “Vijaya”? Or” Vijaya” implies the possession of “Shree “? To my mind Shree and Vijaya are two sides of the same coin. Then why there is this repetition? “Shree r Vijayo “? Or maybe the word Shree is prefixed to Vijay to indicate that it shall be a well deserved victory?

Monday, 24 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 16: 24TH OCT 2011: MONDAY ( 12TH DAY ). DHANTERAS Redevelopment at 4, Kirkdale. a. Some days back there was a letter from Company Secretary of our estate .It informed us about the redevelopment being taken up in the adjoining property. b. Soon we observed that the occupants of that property have shifted somewhere with their lock stock and barrel. c. Today we saw some activity in the neighbourhood. The team for dismantling arrived. Five persons and one JCB loader. d. Their work appeared to be quite synchronised and well planned. e. They started taking out the cowls from the steep roof. f. The roof inclination is less than 50 degrees. g. Each person was wearing standard uniform, jacket, safety jacket. h. The JCB driver was also doing regular work. He used to position his truck properly, lock it and the he used to join the remaining team. What I observed about the practice of construction here : a. All safety appliances are being used on a regular basis. b. Most of the work is automated .Examples: i. During the work of paver blocks on the road ,I saw a single person laying the blocks. He used to measure the gap between the blocks. Used to cut the block to desired size with the help of the shear machine. ii. During the removal of the cowls, I saw that entire team of five persons was sitting on the steep roof. They first dislodged the cowls from their individual areas .then shifted the cowls to the bucket of the JCB through a human chain formed on the roof itself. Within minutes all cowls were shifted to the JCB bucket. Then one of the persons from the team got down and went to the JCB. He operated the JCB and took it to the rear of the plot where he unloaded the bucket properly .
iii. Took another empty bucket from that area, brought the JCB back to earlier position. Secured it with parking brakes .Got down and took his own position on the steep roof for next job.


ARTICLE NO 15: 24TH OCT 2011: MONDAY ( 12TH DAY ). DHANTERAS 1. BACK TO HORNIMAN : a. Had a walk up to Horniman Museum after breakfast. It was wonderful to see the rangoli by MANJIRI DAVE .It was drawn on the occasion of the Deewali festival. It also displayed some vital information about the importance of drawing Rangoli.
b. I enjoyed the exteriors of Horniman than the interiors.{ With all respect to Mr. Frederick Horniman who has collected the species all round the globe. The gallery of nature is excellent for students learning the Zoology/Biology. This some how did not interest me }.What I really loved are the prize winning gardens of Horniman Museum and the way these have been maintained. There is one glass house on the outskirts .Known as “The conservatory. “ Families can sit here and enjoy the sunlight without the chilling winds.
c. The prize winning Gardens are being redeveloped with a budget of 2.3 Million GBP. The gardens have a vantage point that one can see the panoramic view of the Central London from here. The London eye and surrounding structures can also be located by naked eye. 2. Good evening Mr.Harrod : a. In the evening when Sushama was tying a TORAN on the front door, I glanced outside the main door of the complex. Saw one elderly person doing some pruning work in the garden. Went and asked the gentleman whether it was the rose plants that he was trimming ? It turned out to be Strawberry branches. He had trimmed a few branches from the tree. He was cutting the branches into very small pieces which can be stored neatly in the plastic bag for disposal. b. It was nice to have a conversation with Mr Harrod . He is born in Lewisham East and is staying at the our complex since almost 30 years.The husband & wife together take care of the entire estate . I was quite surprised to know that our building has been constructed in the year 1960.Almost fifty years. The way it has been maintained , it does not look more than 15 years maximum. c. Honestly , this was my first dialogue with an Englishman which lasted for more than 20 minutes and had a potential of continuing further. d. Also checked up with him about i. Beast of Sydenham ii. Forests at Forest Hill e. Thank you so much Mr. Harrod for making me feel quite at home . It was wonderful to have met and interacted with you today.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 14 : 23rd OCT 2011 : SUNDAY ( 11TH DAY OF STAY AT UK ) Prasad and myself decided to have a stroll through the jungle. I was very glad to visit the Dulwich Woods today with Prasad. We earlier thought that this shall be unsafe area to visit. But when we went there , we decided that our perception was incorrect and was not based on actual experience.
Its hard to believe that within a mile from Prasad’s home, we have this stretch of forest . Here are some of the observations : 1. We were quite mused to find that a few parents had came together along with their children .The small babies were in the army attire. Some had stripes in black paint on their face ( Like Commandos ).This reminded us of the Arnold’s movies. The parents were giving training to their offshoots on drills, walks discipline etc. Everybody was excited and busy. 2. Some persons brought their four legged friends to the woods for a stroll and for attending to nature’s call. 3. As such I am yet to see any undomesticated dog here. I saw at-least 3 foxes in my area so far and once I was able to see one pussy cat crossing the street. 4. In the Woods, at one location there is some development work about to be started for making a pond. 5. We must have walked nearly 4 Km in the wilderness and then we came out from other side of the woods. 6. That area is known as Crystal palace and from there we got a direct bus for our home.
Conclusion : This area appears to be safe. There are certainly no surprise appearances from the wild life there. But we must also consider the fact that today being Sunday, the number of visitors to this area was quite high. I really don’t know whether similar visitor traffic will also be there on a normal working day. There is no fun going to this area alone. Because at the heart of the woods, we found that the mobile did not have the range and GPRS system was also not working.
ARTICLE NO 13 : 22ND OCT 2011 : SATURDAY ( 10TH DAY OF STAY AT UK ): Hot red wine served on the rocks : Being Saturday , Prasad was free and hence he volunteered to escort us to see the LONDON BRIDGE AND BOROUGH OF LONDON. We took a direct train from Forest hill station up to London Bridge via Honour oak park, New cross gate .When we went to London bridge ,we saw the tallest building under construction just above the London Bridge railway station.
We walked up to Hay wharf which is almost 150 years old wharf. This place is a witness to ships visiting here from each country for transporting all types of cargo. Just at the entrance of this wharf, one can see the model of a very old boat being displayed in working condition.
HMS Belfast the famous war ship has been moored just nearby in the River Thames and is open for visit.
Some kind of disciplined protest was going on a location called “The scoop “ on the coastal area . We also visited to the Borough Market of London. its a market since almost 100 years at the same location. Basically its a ready food market. Many sumptuous dishes were available ; vegetarian and non vegetarian. If you like the aroma and the look ,you are most welcome to buy and consume it there itself. Otherwise you can take it away for consuming the food at the comfort of your own home. Choice is all yours. What I liked was. Each stall owner was quite eager to provide you with a taste of the dish which was being served. There was no persuasion from the shopkeepers to buy the stuff. It reminded me of the famous Food festivals of Nasik or Pune. This is similar to that .Only difference is that , I think , this food market is open every day. We had a different delight there. Hot red wine. It was very tasty. Served from the steaming container into a paper cup similar to that used for serving the coffee. From Borough market we walked to the London Bridge and took the train back to Forest Hill station.
There is a restaurant named “Fish & chips “ opposite the Forest Hill railway station. We took a dish exactly by the same name. Now we were quite tired and hence took a direct bus to our place and came back straight to home.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 12 : 22ND OCT 2011 : SATURDAY( 10TH DAY OF UK STAY) MEMORIES OF HORNIMAN GARDENS 1. HORNIMAN GARDEN comes to SEDLEY COURT This morning started my jogging from home and completed it at the Forest Hill station. Crossed the road and then walked upto the gate of the Horniman Museum. That way I pass this gate at least twice every day. For the first time, I observed that the main entrance was open even at 815AM. So had a careful reading of the notice at the main gate. It said the gardens are open for visitors since 715 am. I was glad and decided to have a stroll inside the gardens. While I jogged inside, I also noticed that construction is going on there. Two foxes were also roaming around the path way. its a different satisfaction to see this animal out in the open. Both of us watched each other for a while. Then I went to the area under construction and met a construction person. Borrowed some black soil from him for the plants. He was quite generous to take permission of his superior for this. Not only this, he also located an empty plastic bin which had a handle. Gave me at least 10Kg.of good soil .From Horninman museum I walked to our place which is around 2 KM. WISH TO EXPRESS MY DEEP GRATITUDE TO THE GENTLEMAN AT THE HORNIMAN GARDENS.THANK YOU SIR.YOUR MEMORIES SHALL ALWAYS BE WITH US. Being EKADASHI,we have decided to plant the "TULSI " at the Prasad & Binita's place today.

Friday, 21 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 11: 21ST OCT 2011: FRIDAY: 9th day of stay at London. GETTING TERRIBLY BORED: What am I doing? Just thinking. What to do now? What are the things which are worth doing? That’s a good question and must find answer to this. Today had double rounds up to the London Road. First round went running up to Forest Hill corner. Purchased provision from Sainsbury and returned by walk. Again went after taking breakfast and fetched some stickers for Sushama from Tesco express. She has undertaken the work of arranging the Kitchen. Needs to identify containers with labels. Had lunch and both of us are relaxing now. Sushama is watching TV serials and I am sitting in the bed room with my laptop. I am getting bored. There are various things I can undertake right now to overcome the boredom. 1. Write down some article for my blog. This is proving to be difficult since I have not identified fresh topics for my deliberations. So far I have blogged 10 articles on. These are very general in nature. {I aimed to write on a daily basis. Between Quality and Quantity of the articles, I gave preference to the consistent output.} 2. Let us see if I can identify some topics to express my thoughts and observations : 1. Type of constructions at London 2. Draft letters to my clients : a. My routine at Prasad’s home 4. Bhagwad Geeta 5. Experiences of ISO/TS 16949:2009 3. Work in the Excel and carry out some programs. Need to identify issues for developing software .Criterion is that these can be used during my professional work. 4. Carry out photography. Prospective subjects of my photographic sessions. 1. Greenery around 2. Traffic 3. Civil life 4. Birds and insects around 5. Construction practices 5. Make an abstract of what we have done in 9 days of our stay here. 6. Make PPT for ATI supervisor’s batch. 1. Make new PPT for additional topics 2. Make revisions /editing in my existing PPT 7. Rearrange the files on my laptop : 1. Identify redundant files which can be deleted. 2. Organise remaining files 8. Carry out official work :{ this requires talking with the clients.} 9. Sleep peacefully in the afternoons. 10. Watch Television serials 11. Read the books & periodicals: 1. Antaricha magova 2. Evening Standard 12. Surf the net and gain knowledge on new topics (This option is not possible right now since Landline and Internet are expected to be installed in the first week of November 2011) a. Use of Macros in Excel b. concept of Green buildings 13. Identify more places worth visiting and plan visits: a. Alone b. With Sushama Suddenly it dawned on me that BORED DOM is associated with me staying at home. If there is movement outside, there shall not be any opportunity of getting bored. But the real issue is that every day , it shall not be possible for us to move out. There are restrictions of climatic conditions and other factors. Therefore I need to have a more aggressive plan for my own entertainment .

Thursday, 20 October 2011

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED : Today is the 8th day of our stay at London.( 20th Oct 2011, Thursday ) 1. The day started with a Jogging spree. Completed a round of Jogging and walking .From sedley court to forest Hill through Dulwich Library and Heathedge .I reached our home in exactly 30 min. 2. Had noted in this blog a few days back that within a week’s time, I shall be able to independently move in the London tube on my my own. Today I am quite excited to announce that I have actually achieved this feat. Sushama and me travelled extensively in the London tube today. From Forest Hill to Wembley Park and BACK.Let me not unnecessary load with the train logistics here.Today’s plan was to visit the Swami Narayan temple at Wembley park and we achieved what was planned. After that we had a shopping in the Indian market of Wembly Central. Also had Pani puri there.
My son mailed me his recent creation .I am quite moved by this expression of his innermost sentiments. With utmost appreciation I reproduce the creation of my son ( SAURABH KULKARNI ) here : In Your Shoes There are moments of pain, and moments of glory Creating and carving, and conceiving your own story Vision you found - laden with clues Inching every step to be in your shoes The history was replete with the pains you faced While others wondered, in awe they gazed There were souls - in the pink yet in the blues I implore ye Lord, tell - what it meant to be in your shoes The shoes were dusty and at times they shone In times of hardship, when others were stolid and drone Yours shoes were dusty, yet made news Others gasped, how you stayed in your shoes Unruffled you were, when others argued and cursed In your self you believed, never in your might you blushed While others lost faith in their shoes, How you transformed lives and led - in your shoes Beneath your shoes, there lay a soul, Like none other, you were certain with a role, To reinstate faith and to let loose, To create your destiny and to be in your own shoes

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 09 : 19TH OCT 2011.
( ACROSS RIVER THAMES ) This was our longest outing so far. We spent exactly 8 hours 10 min outside today. And especially today when the temperature was 9 degrees in the morning and further dropped down in the evening. Today we also carried our lunch with us. We took our lunch at the Trafalgar square near the lawn of the National art gallery. It saves time and also money to carry own food .
NO MORE MUSEUMS BABA !: Sushama & myself visited British Museum. We took the bus. Both of us agreed that if we commute by bus , it takes a little longer but we are able to really see the city life . Travel by train ,on the other hand, does not allow us to interact with the city happenings.
After spending time in the British museum, I concluded that there is no continued fun in visiting the museums. After all what do we really gain by observing things of past? The thoughts are summarised like this: 1. Oh, this is how people used to sleep in those times. 2. Oh, my God, this is how people used to hunt in those times 3. Oh my, this is what people used to wear those times 4. Oh, the city used to look like this? 5. Vow, what a great art work they did during those times 6. My God, how people could make such a thing without any technology those times? 7. We have lots of appreciations for the Museum team who conserved and preserved the things of the past . 8. We always wonder why the government seeks donations from the visitors. 9. Of-course, we do appreciate that because of this the entry is kept FREE 10. Basic emotion when we enter the museum is of curiosity and when we have travelled through the various displays, we get tired and then satiated with the information showered upon us. 11. Never do we really digest all information obtained during such visits.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

356 -356 : Summary : Through this article let me narrate you my experience of travelling alone in the London tube. You shall see that during this journey I travelled only upto railway stations and not beyond them . This is first time in my life that I have travelled without any specific destination . This was a travel for better understanding the MODES & MODALITIES of TRAIN TRAVEL at London. The exercise was aimed at : 1. Becoming familiar with the London tube. 2. To be able to read the signs, maps during the travel. 3. To be able to independently plan and execute travel through Over-ground and underground trains. 4. To obtain a firsthand experience .
The entire travel From Forest Hill to Forest hill took me 3 hrs. The journey started at 11am and concluded at 2pm.This was “off peak” time and hence there was hardly any rush. Only once I had to stand during the travel ( From London Bridge to Canada Water ) The systems are well laid and the indications are evident and prominent that it is difficult to miss out. I don’t think there is even a remote possibility of any one getting lost . Let me disappoint you by telling that it was not my first travel through London tube. In 2009 , we had travelled through London tube . But that time ,it was an escorted journey. If you have someone to take decisions on your behalf, it makes the journey comfortable .The problem is that you don’t get enlightened . That way ,this was my first journey travelling alone. Unless I personally don’t walk or travel myself on a path, I don’t remember it . When someone leads me to the destination , I don’t learn the process. Started from home at 1035am. Arrived at Kirkdale bus stop.
It was a bright sunny morning with clear sky . With a clear sky, I was able to see at least Ten flights across the London sky during this waiting period . There are many airports at London ; Gatwick ,Heathrow, London city airport, Luton etc. Temperature must be close to 9 degree Centigrades. I was the only person on the request bus stop. Had to wait around 12 min for the bus no 356 which took me straight to the Forest Hill railway station in 5 min. The Forest Hill station is a small station with two platforms. Platform no 01 is for North bound trains . I undertook a north bound journey to Canada water railway station .The route was: Forest Hill, Honour Oak Park, Brockley, New cross gate, Surrey Quays, Canada water. I took a stroll on the Canada water railway station and then took next train and reached Dalston Junction. The route was: Canada water, Wapping, Shadwell, White chapel, High street, Hoxton, Haggerton, Dalston Junction.
{ Here is a question for you .For reaching Canada water from Dalton junction, which train we must take? North bound or south bound?} Back at the Canada water, I took the Jubilee line . Started journey towards West direction .Need to find out why it is called a jubilee line. Reached London bridge via Bermondsey. Got down at London bridge and a took East bound train. The train which I boarded was headed for Stratford via Canary wharf, North Greenwich, Canning town, Star lane, West ham, Abbey road, Stratford high. Let me not bog you down with more trivia on the journey. I returned at Forest Hill railway station .Took the same bus no 365 and returned to our home. Conclusion : Till the time I had seen the London tube map, I had only SHRUT PADNYA on this topic. Although Prasad had given me lots of inputs on the journey, I did not become wiser. When I took efforts of reading the map and mentally travelled between various stations, I raised myself to CHINTAN PRADNYA. But when I undertook the voyage myself, I became eligible to be endowed with the BHAONAMAYI PRADNYA.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Where are the keys to the doors ? Today , we went directly to Trafalgar square. In fact we did not have any specific plan of visiting this area .All of us had gone to this area on Saturday itself. Then question is why we went there again within such a short period ? The logic is like this. Sushama and myself got ready to go out for a outing .When we were dressed up, I had taken my travel pouch ,camera etc, when we were about to leave the home, we started looking for the flat keys. The keys could not be located any where .Then through telephonic conversation with Prasad we came to know that he has carried the keys with him to the office. Now we had three options. 1. To abort the mission and just sit at home . 2. I go out and Sushama stays at home. 3. Both of us go out and collect keys from Prasad somewhere in the town. 4. Both of us start from home and plan return after our son and daughter in law have arrived back. We selected the option no 03. Going to Trafalgar square was the easiest option since it meant taking a direct bus no 176 from Sydenham hill which goes up to Totenham court . We took the seat on the upper deck in the forward area. We already have the Oyster passes which can be used in the Bus or Tube or Over-ground rail service or National Rail. So there is no question of taking the tickets in the bus. There is swipe plate provided just near the driver’s cabin. One needs to just touch the Oyster pass on this swipe plate. There is a beeping sound, a green light and then you can just board the bus. Prasad insists that we explore the “London Tube” and enjoy the rides. For me, its still a mystery .I visualise myself travelling effortlessly through the tube along with Sushama within a week’s time from now. He was explaining me that in Forest Hill station ,the underground train is in fact over ground.In some parts, this becomes underground. Which naturally expands to more permutations and combinations such as : 1. Underground train is over-ground 2. Over-ground train is underground 3. Underground remains underground 4. Overground remains over-ground Simply put, this reminds me of the shlokas from ISHVASYOPANISHAD as : “ Tadaijati Tannejati. Taddure tad sameepake , Tadantarasya sarvasya tadu sarvasyasya bahyatah “ Free translation in English : “That which appears to be moving but in reality does not move at all. Which appears quite distant . However, which is in immediate proximity. Which appears to be outside but in essence this is what is in the core of the matter “

Sunday, 16 October 2011

CYCLE OF CREDIT AND DEBITS : There is a shloka in ninth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta : “Te twam bhuktva swarglokam vishalam ksheene punye martyalokam vishanti “ Means : “ With the support of the good deeds the atma travels to the swarga . Then having consumed all the credit points there, it returns to the earth “ My theory on this is : There is so much comfort here . So much time so much peace of mind. It is as if I am getting the returns of what ever work I have done over there. My conflict is : Whether I have done good works at India and have arrived here to enjoy the benefits or vice versa ? Which therefore entails upon me : To ensure that by continuous actions and perseverance, I must keep my credit points replenished.
Thank you Sandeep ji for appreciating the transcription of the shloka from Bhagwad geeta. This has given me a clarity about my mission over here.May be I can start compiling the verses of Geeta which I really like and also attempt at the transcriptions as inspired from within.. in that direction , let me begin with last Shloka of Geeta. {The 700th verse which is obviously in the 18th chapter.} It says : YATRA YOGESHWARAH KRISHNO YATRA PARTHO DHANURDHARAH. TATRA SHRIRVIJAYO BHUTIRDHRUVA NEETIRMATIRMAMAH "

FOX SIGHTS ME ,during his morning walk

We sighted this FOX during morning walk. ( Yesterday,we saw the office of the TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX and alas today we watched this TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY FOX ) This lane is called Eliot lane . Just opposite to our home and leads to the Horniman Museum on London Road. Between the higher and lower end, there is a level difference of around 20’. Just walking this lane once in a day is quite refreshing.
This is exteriors of HORNIMAN MUSEUM.I was indeed happy to note that within a kilometer of our London home, we have this great museum.I am keeping this spot in reserve.When ever I don't have any other schedule, I shall be visiting this historical place.
DO I LOOK YOUNGER NOW ? We were returning in the bus from Trafalgar square .We came down from the upper deck of the bus to the lower one just two stops prior to alighting. I was standing just opposite to the exit gate of the bus holding the vertical bar. There was one young lady sitting comfortably near me. `To my utter surprise, she got up and offered me her seat. Such a gesture was quite new to me and happened for the first time in my life. I just smiled and beckoned her to remain seated. She said “Are you sure ? “

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Walk to Wells Park

SHRI SWAMI SAMARTHA 15TH OCT 2011 SATURDAY : Wells Park : As decided earlier, during the UK trip , I must be able to reduce my weight considerably. For this, I have resolved the following : 1. to undertake long walks. 2. To cut down intake of tea. Today we had two excursions: 1. With Sushama, I had a long walk in the morning. We started at 815am from our residence. Walked on the Kirkdale street upto Wells park .It took us 25 min to reach this park. When we went there ,we were amazed to see the vast expanse of greenery around us.We met Afi there. You might wonder who is this Afi ? It is a dog of breed "Cockspaniel " ( age : 6 months ). 3.There was a funny incidence in the garden. Sushama was doing Pranayama sitting on a bench.There was one Alsecian who was interested to know what this lady was up to .The dog first watched Sushama with keen attention. Suddenly it startled .Probable over the noise made by Sushama through her lungs .The dog suddenly backed up and ran away to its owner.

Friday, 14 October 2011

ARTICLE 03: 13.10.2011 LONDON: Unforeseen problems: Mumbai Dubai flight took off precisely @ 430am as planned and reached Dubai airport 30 minutes before time. We had a halt of 2 hrs between 2 connecting flights. We wanted to share with our sons at London and Pune that we have reached Dubai safely. And, then I found that the international roaming card stopped making calls. Apparently there was no reason as to why the SIM did not function when it was utmost necessary. So, next option was to send a mail. Sitting in the lounge near gate no 229 where we were scheduled to board the flight @715, I opened my mini laptop and inserted the TATA photon .But this could not connect. I had anticipated this and before starting from Nasik, had asked my computer vendor about working of TATA Photon at UK. Did not get a good answer. The reason is best known to the employees of Tata Photon who did not take any interest in answering whether the Internet connection by Tata photon shall work overseas or not? Then I saw a gentleman sitting on opposite chair doing some one work on the mini laptop. It was also a HP mini. Requested him and he gave me his laptop. Here my own inability to Log in on Gmail came in my way. First I miss-spelt my Login, and then entered a wrong password twice. I was running against the time .Quit the attempt of sending mail ,thanked him and then made for the boarding on flight no EK 015. Due to traffic jam, the flight took off late (12 min) from Dubai airport. However, we landed at Gatwick airport @ London exactly two minutes before the scheduled arrival.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ARTICLE 02 : Today’s topic is how unforeseen events do take place in the travel planning. I must share with you the episode of our news paper vendor .This man did not raise his monthly bills since year 2003.Reasons are best known to him. Whenever, we remind him he would just have a sheepish smile on his face and next moment he would have gone. Previous week, my son shifted to Pune , along with his family. The goods moved in a truck. Next morning some one must have told our “paper man” that we have shifted . He came panting and asked for the payment. Naturally, we told him that we don’t have any pending bill with us so first he must submit his bill. Next day morning he arrived with a bill of INR 58,750/=. Ha! I was really caught unawares. Next day I was to leave for UK and this gentleman presents me with a bill of half a lac. What to do? Naturally, my cash planning did not anticipate this expense to be taken care of before departure. My wife first assured him that we have not been transferred anywhere and we are going to remain here only. Of-course, we shall be away for a few months but then we are here only. Secondly, we found that the bill which he had must have prepared in extreme haste, raised had many loopholes. This gentle man said he is ready to consider any corrections in the bills. I told him on the day one itself that right now I can provide him some token amount for the confidence and faith he showed on us by not seeking any payment since 2003. Today he came and took that token amount with an assurance from us that after we return, we shall ensure that his legitimate dues are paid in monthly instalments.
SWANTAH SUKHAY : {For the HAPPINESS of one-self.} I said sometime back that this shall be a monologue with myself. Why so ? Why not for others? There are a few reasons . 1. There is a compulsion to identify the target audience. This within itself carries a big burden. In that process I become nonaligned with my thoughts. 2. The integrity of thoughts is lost the moment there is a perceived recipient of the text. 3. This becomes a matter of continuous evaluation (during writing itself) whether this shall appeal to the audience or not. 4. The moment I address to someone, I am forced to assume an authority on the subject matter. This again is a difficult thing. By my nature, it cannot be a chatting with the audience. It has to be told : a. With correctness b. conviction c. confidence d. In precise words e. In specific language 5. I have a feeling that in taking a review on these points, I might do injustice with the basic brainwave. 6. Keeping all these points in mind, I am going to just speak out my thoughts. Let us say, it’s an attempt at loud thinking. Of course, this does not match with “ATMANO MOKSHARTHAM JAGAT HITAY CHA “