Thursday, 20 October 2011

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED : Today is the 8th day of our stay at London.( 20th Oct 2011, Thursday ) 1. The day started with a Jogging spree. Completed a round of Jogging and walking .From sedley court to forest Hill through Dulwich Library and Heathedge .I reached our home in exactly 30 min. 2. Had noted in this blog a few days back that within a week’s time, I shall be able to independently move in the London tube on my my own. Today I am quite excited to announce that I have actually achieved this feat. Sushama and me travelled extensively in the London tube today. From Forest Hill to Wembley Park and BACK.Let me not unnecessary load with the train logistics here.Today’s plan was to visit the Swami Narayan temple at Wembley park and we achieved what was planned. After that we had a shopping in the Indian market of Wembly Central. Also had Pani puri there.
My son mailed me his recent creation .I am quite moved by this expression of his innermost sentiments. With utmost appreciation I reproduce the creation of my son ( SAURABH KULKARNI ) here : In Your Shoes There are moments of pain, and moments of glory Creating and carving, and conceiving your own story Vision you found - laden with clues Inching every step to be in your shoes The history was replete with the pains you faced While others wondered, in awe they gazed There were souls - in the pink yet in the blues I implore ye Lord, tell - what it meant to be in your shoes The shoes were dusty and at times they shone In times of hardship, when others were stolid and drone Yours shoes were dusty, yet made news Others gasped, how you stayed in your shoes Unruffled you were, when others argued and cursed In your self you believed, never in your might you blushed While others lost faith in their shoes, How you transformed lives and led - in your shoes Beneath your shoes, there lay a soul, Like none other, you were certain with a role, To reinstate faith and to let loose, To create your destiny and to be in your own shoes

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