Friday, 14 October 2011

ARTICLE 03: 13.10.2011 LONDON: Unforeseen problems: Mumbai Dubai flight took off precisely @ 430am as planned and reached Dubai airport 30 minutes before time. We had a halt of 2 hrs between 2 connecting flights. We wanted to share with our sons at London and Pune that we have reached Dubai safely. And, then I found that the international roaming card stopped making calls. Apparently there was no reason as to why the SIM did not function when it was utmost necessary. So, next option was to send a mail. Sitting in the lounge near gate no 229 where we were scheduled to board the flight @715, I opened my mini laptop and inserted the TATA photon .But this could not connect. I had anticipated this and before starting from Nasik, had asked my computer vendor about working of TATA Photon at UK. Did not get a good answer. The reason is best known to the employees of Tata Photon who did not take any interest in answering whether the Internet connection by Tata photon shall work overseas or not? Then I saw a gentleman sitting on opposite chair doing some one work on the mini laptop. It was also a HP mini. Requested him and he gave me his laptop. Here my own inability to Log in on Gmail came in my way. First I miss-spelt my Login, and then entered a wrong password twice. I was running against the time .Quit the attempt of sending mail ,thanked him and then made for the boarding on flight no EK 015. Due to traffic jam, the flight took off late (12 min) from Dubai airport. However, we landed at Gatwick airport @ London exactly two minutes before the scheduled arrival.

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