Monday, 24 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 16: 24TH OCT 2011: MONDAY ( 12TH DAY ). DHANTERAS Redevelopment at 4, Kirkdale. a. Some days back there was a letter from Company Secretary of our estate .It informed us about the redevelopment being taken up in the adjoining property. b. Soon we observed that the occupants of that property have shifted somewhere with their lock stock and barrel. c. Today we saw some activity in the neighbourhood. The team for dismantling arrived. Five persons and one JCB loader. d. Their work appeared to be quite synchronised and well planned. e. They started taking out the cowls from the steep roof. f. The roof inclination is less than 50 degrees. g. Each person was wearing standard uniform, jacket, safety jacket. h. The JCB driver was also doing regular work. He used to position his truck properly, lock it and the he used to join the remaining team. What I observed about the practice of construction here : a. All safety appliances are being used on a regular basis. b. Most of the work is automated .Examples: i. During the work of paver blocks on the road ,I saw a single person laying the blocks. He used to measure the gap between the blocks. Used to cut the block to desired size with the help of the shear machine. ii. During the removal of the cowls, I saw that entire team of five persons was sitting on the steep roof. They first dislodged the cowls from their individual areas .then shifted the cowls to the bucket of the JCB through a human chain formed on the roof itself. Within minutes all cowls were shifted to the JCB bucket. Then one of the persons from the team got down and went to the JCB. He operated the JCB and took it to the rear of the plot where he unloaded the bucket properly .
iii. Took another empty bucket from that area, brought the JCB back to earlier position. Secured it with parking brakes .Got down and took his own position on the steep roof for next job.

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