Sunday, 23 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 14 : 23rd OCT 2011 : SUNDAY ( 11TH DAY OF STAY AT UK ) Prasad and myself decided to have a stroll through the jungle. I was very glad to visit the Dulwich Woods today with Prasad. We earlier thought that this shall be unsafe area to visit. But when we went there , we decided that our perception was incorrect and was not based on actual experience.
Its hard to believe that within a mile from Prasad’s home, we have this stretch of forest . Here are some of the observations : 1. We were quite mused to find that a few parents had came together along with their children .The small babies were in the army attire. Some had stripes in black paint on their face ( Like Commandos ).This reminded us of the Arnold’s movies. The parents were giving training to their offshoots on drills, walks discipline etc. Everybody was excited and busy. 2. Some persons brought their four legged friends to the woods for a stroll and for attending to nature’s call. 3. As such I am yet to see any undomesticated dog here. I saw at-least 3 foxes in my area so far and once I was able to see one pussy cat crossing the street. 4. In the Woods, at one location there is some development work about to be started for making a pond. 5. We must have walked nearly 4 Km in the wilderness and then we came out from other side of the woods. 6. That area is known as Crystal palace and from there we got a direct bus for our home.
Conclusion : This area appears to be safe. There are certainly no surprise appearances from the wild life there. But we must also consider the fact that today being Sunday, the number of visitors to this area was quite high. I really don’t know whether similar visitor traffic will also be there on a normal working day. There is no fun going to this area alone. Because at the heart of the woods, we found that the mobile did not have the range and GPRS system was also not working.

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