Tuesday, 18 October 2011

356 -356 : Summary : Through this article let me narrate you my experience of travelling alone in the London tube. You shall see that during this journey I travelled only upto railway stations and not beyond them . This is first time in my life that I have travelled without any specific destination . This was a travel for better understanding the MODES & MODALITIES of TRAIN TRAVEL at London. The exercise was aimed at : 1. Becoming familiar with the London tube. 2. To be able to read the signs, maps during the travel. 3. To be able to independently plan and execute travel through Over-ground and underground trains. 4. To obtain a firsthand experience .
The entire travel From Forest Hill to Forest hill took me 3 hrs. The journey started at 11am and concluded at 2pm.This was “off peak” time and hence there was hardly any rush. Only once I had to stand during the travel ( From London Bridge to Canada Water ) The systems are well laid and the indications are evident and prominent that it is difficult to miss out. I don’t think there is even a remote possibility of any one getting lost . Let me disappoint you by telling that it was not my first travel through London tube. In 2009 , we had travelled through London tube . But that time ,it was an escorted journey. If you have someone to take decisions on your behalf, it makes the journey comfortable .The problem is that you don’t get enlightened . That way ,this was my first journey travelling alone. Unless I personally don’t walk or travel myself on a path, I don’t remember it . When someone leads me to the destination , I don’t learn the process. Started from home at 1035am. Arrived at Kirkdale bus stop.
It was a bright sunny morning with clear sky . With a clear sky, I was able to see at least Ten flights across the London sky during this waiting period . There are many airports at London ; Gatwick ,Heathrow, London city airport, Luton etc. Temperature must be close to 9 degree Centigrades. I was the only person on the request bus stop. Had to wait around 12 min for the bus no 356 which took me straight to the Forest Hill railway station in 5 min. The Forest Hill station is a small station with two platforms. Platform no 01 is for North bound trains . I undertook a north bound journey to Canada water railway station .The route was: Forest Hill, Honour Oak Park, Brockley, New cross gate, Surrey Quays, Canada water. I took a stroll on the Canada water railway station and then took next train and reached Dalston Junction. The route was: Canada water, Wapping, Shadwell, White chapel, High street, Hoxton, Haggerton, Dalston Junction.
{ Here is a question for you .For reaching Canada water from Dalton junction, which train we must take? North bound or south bound?} Back at the Canada water, I took the Jubilee line . Started journey towards West direction .Need to find out why it is called a jubilee line. Reached London bridge via Bermondsey. Got down at London bridge and a took East bound train. The train which I boarded was headed for Stratford via Canary wharf, North Greenwich, Canning town, Star lane, West ham, Abbey road, Stratford high. Let me not bog you down with more trivia on the journey. I returned at Forest Hill railway station .Took the same bus no 365 and returned to our home. Conclusion : Till the time I had seen the London tube map, I had only SHRUT PADNYA on this topic. Although Prasad had given me lots of inputs on the journey, I did not become wiser. When I took efforts of reading the map and mentally travelled between various stations, I raised myself to CHINTAN PRADNYA. But when I undertook the voyage myself, I became eligible to be endowed with the BHAONAMAYI PRADNYA.

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