Tuesday, 25 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 18: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). NO HORNS NO FOLLOW UP AT ALL: When I got up in the early morning, I casually glanced across the window which opens up on the main road. There was a long line up of the vehicles on the road. Crawling on the road the vehicle owners were appreciably patient. 1. No honking of the horns. 2. No on trying to overtake. 3. Enough distance between two successive vehicles. 4. No one expressing any discomfort by body language or vehicle language. 5. There was no traffic police visible on the spot. 6. As such, so far I have not seen any traffic constables at any of the traffic junctions. 7. For that matter I have not seen any one actually regulating the traffic: physically.

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