Tuesday, 25 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 17: 25TH OCT 2011: TUESDAY (13TH DAY). 1. CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS ON THE NEIGHBOURING PLOT ; 1. Today they brought these vehicles to the site : a. Poclain b. Trawler for Poclain c. Lift for Poclain d. Dumper e. Multipurpose Vans 2. Beginning of the day saw the multipurpose vans from the demolition contractor being parked on the rear side of the bungalow. 3. Next task was to take the dumper inside the gate and position it properly so that the demolished stuff can be directly transferred to the dumper. 4. Next activity was to unload the Poclain itself from the trawler at the site. This was done with the help of the crane which shifted the Poclain to the platform which had a slope. Poclain was taken down on the ground. It positioned itself after the dumper.
5. Now imagine the vehicles positioned as follows : a. Multipurpose vans inside the premises b. Dumper inside the gate on the left side of the entrance gate. c. Poclain standing just at the entrance gate. d. Now unless the Poclain is shifted out, dumper cannot be moved and unless dumper can be moved, the multipurpose vans cannot be taken out. (Does not seem to be proper .in case of any emergency, there is practically no movement possible through the gate. But no value judgements at this stage of the work.Although it looks rather clumsy it has ensured that entire activities are confined within the premises.the front road traffic is not at all affected.. e. Now the Poclain has been used to demolish the first structure which is single storied and is exactly opposite the entrance. 6. They had brought with them barricades (weld mesh in tubular frames of length 8”and height 7’).One person erected these barricades at the gate. So now there is no pedestrian or vehicular movement possible through the gate. 7. I liked this arrangement. Now no one can wander inside the site .In case someone does so, it is unauthorised. Wonderful. 8. I forgot to tell you earlier that we received a letter from the (neighbourhood) builder .The letter introduced the contractor firm and also gave its time table for the construction. It has contact no’s of the managing director of the firm and the manager of the site. The letter assured minimum disturbance to the local environment due to the construction and welcomed dialogue in case of any more information was sought from them.

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