Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 09 : 19TH OCT 2011.
( ACROSS RIVER THAMES ) This was our longest outing so far. We spent exactly 8 hours 10 min outside today. And especially today when the temperature was 9 degrees in the morning and further dropped down in the evening. Today we also carried our lunch with us. We took our lunch at the Trafalgar square near the lawn of the National art gallery. It saves time and also money to carry own food .
NO MORE MUSEUMS BABA !: Sushama & myself visited British Museum. We took the bus. Both of us agreed that if we commute by bus , it takes a little longer but we are able to really see the city life . Travel by train ,on the other hand, does not allow us to interact with the city happenings.
After spending time in the British museum, I concluded that there is no continued fun in visiting the museums. After all what do we really gain by observing things of past? The thoughts are summarised like this: 1. Oh, this is how people used to sleep in those times. 2. Oh, my God, this is how people used to hunt in those times 3. Oh my, this is what people used to wear those times 4. Oh, the city used to look like this? 5. Vow, what a great art work they did during those times 6. My God, how people could make such a thing without any technology those times? 7. We have lots of appreciations for the Museum team who conserved and preserved the things of the past . 8. We always wonder why the government seeks donations from the visitors. 9. Of-course, we do appreciate that because of this the entry is kept FREE 10. Basic emotion when we enter the museum is of curiosity and when we have travelled through the various displays, we get tired and then satiated with the information showered upon us. 11. Never do we really digest all information obtained during such visits.

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