Monday, 17 October 2011

Where are the keys to the doors ? Today , we went directly to Trafalgar square. In fact we did not have any specific plan of visiting this area .All of us had gone to this area on Saturday itself. Then question is why we went there again within such a short period ? The logic is like this. Sushama and myself got ready to go out for a outing .When we were dressed up, I had taken my travel pouch ,camera etc, when we were about to leave the home, we started looking for the flat keys. The keys could not be located any where .Then through telephonic conversation with Prasad we came to know that he has carried the keys with him to the office. Now we had three options. 1. To abort the mission and just sit at home . 2. I go out and Sushama stays at home. 3. Both of us go out and collect keys from Prasad somewhere in the town. 4. Both of us start from home and plan return after our son and daughter in law have arrived back. We selected the option no 03. Going to Trafalgar square was the easiest option since it meant taking a direct bus no 176 from Sydenham hill which goes up to Totenham court . We took the seat on the upper deck in the forward area. We already have the Oyster passes which can be used in the Bus or Tube or Over-ground rail service or National Rail. So there is no question of taking the tickets in the bus. There is swipe plate provided just near the driver’s cabin. One needs to just touch the Oyster pass on this swipe plate. There is a beeping sound, a green light and then you can just board the bus. Prasad insists that we explore the “London Tube” and enjoy the rides. For me, its still a mystery .I visualise myself travelling effortlessly through the tube along with Sushama within a week’s time from now. He was explaining me that in Forest Hill station ,the underground train is in fact over ground.In some parts, this becomes underground. Which naturally expands to more permutations and combinations such as : 1. Underground train is over-ground 2. Over-ground train is underground 3. Underground remains underground 4. Overground remains over-ground Simply put, this reminds me of the shlokas from ISHVASYOPANISHAD as : “ Tadaijati Tannejati. Taddure tad sameepake , Tadantarasya sarvasya tadu sarvasyasya bahyatah “ Free translation in English : “That which appears to be moving but in reality does not move at all. Which appears quite distant . However, which is in immediate proximity. Which appears to be outside but in essence this is what is in the core of the matter “

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