Saturday, 15 October 2011

Walk to Wells Park

SHRI SWAMI SAMARTHA 15TH OCT 2011 SATURDAY : Wells Park : As decided earlier, during the UK trip , I must be able to reduce my weight considerably. For this, I have resolved the following : 1. to undertake long walks. 2. To cut down intake of tea. Today we had two excursions: 1. With Sushama, I had a long walk in the morning. We started at 815am from our residence. Walked on the Kirkdale street upto Wells park .It took us 25 min to reach this park. When we went there ,we were amazed to see the vast expanse of greenery around us.We met Afi there. You might wonder who is this Afi ? It is a dog of breed "Cockspaniel " ( age : 6 months ). 3.There was a funny incidence in the garden. Sushama was doing Pranayama sitting on a bench.There was one Alsecian who was interested to know what this lady was up to .The dog first watched Sushama with keen attention. Suddenly it startled .Probable over the noise made by Sushama through her lungs .The dog suddenly backed up and ran away to its owner.

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