Sunday, 23 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 13 : 22ND OCT 2011 : SATURDAY ( 10TH DAY OF STAY AT UK ): Hot red wine served on the rocks : Being Saturday , Prasad was free and hence he volunteered to escort us to see the LONDON BRIDGE AND BOROUGH OF LONDON. We took a direct train from Forest hill station up to London Bridge via Honour oak park, New cross gate .When we went to London bridge ,we saw the tallest building under construction just above the London Bridge railway station.
We walked up to Hay wharf which is almost 150 years old wharf. This place is a witness to ships visiting here from each country for transporting all types of cargo. Just at the entrance of this wharf, one can see the model of a very old boat being displayed in working condition.
HMS Belfast the famous war ship has been moored just nearby in the River Thames and is open for visit.
Some kind of disciplined protest was going on a location called “The scoop “ on the coastal area . We also visited to the Borough Market of London. its a market since almost 100 years at the same location. Basically its a ready food market. Many sumptuous dishes were available ; vegetarian and non vegetarian. If you like the aroma and the look ,you are most welcome to buy and consume it there itself. Otherwise you can take it away for consuming the food at the comfort of your own home. Choice is all yours. What I liked was. Each stall owner was quite eager to provide you with a taste of the dish which was being served. There was no persuasion from the shopkeepers to buy the stuff. It reminded me of the famous Food festivals of Nasik or Pune. This is similar to that .Only difference is that , I think , this food market is open every day. We had a different delight there. Hot red wine. It was very tasty. Served from the steaming container into a paper cup similar to that used for serving the coffee. From Borough market we walked to the London Bridge and took the train back to Forest Hill station.
There is a restaurant named “Fish & chips “ opposite the Forest Hill railway station. We took a dish exactly by the same name. Now we were quite tired and hence took a direct bus to our place and came back straight to home.

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