Saturday, 22 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 12 : 22ND OCT 2011 : SATURDAY( 10TH DAY OF UK STAY) MEMORIES OF HORNIMAN GARDENS 1. HORNIMAN GARDEN comes to SEDLEY COURT This morning started my jogging from home and completed it at the Forest Hill station. Crossed the road and then walked upto the gate of the Horniman Museum. That way I pass this gate at least twice every day. For the first time, I observed that the main entrance was open even at 815AM. So had a careful reading of the notice at the main gate. It said the gardens are open for visitors since 715 am. I was glad and decided to have a stroll inside the gardens. While I jogged inside, I also noticed that construction is going on there. Two foxes were also roaming around the path way. its a different satisfaction to see this animal out in the open. Both of us watched each other for a while. Then I went to the area under construction and met a construction person. Borrowed some black soil from him for the plants. He was quite generous to take permission of his superior for this. Not only this, he also located an empty plastic bin which had a handle. Gave me at least 10Kg.of good soil .From Horninman museum I walked to our place which is around 2 KM. WISH TO EXPRESS MY DEEP GRATITUDE TO THE GENTLEMAN AT THE HORNIMAN GARDENS.THANK YOU SIR.YOUR MEMORIES SHALL ALWAYS BE WITH US. Being EKADASHI,we have decided to plant the "TULSI " at the Prasad & Binita's place today.

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