Friday, 21 October 2011

ARTICLE NO 11: 21ST OCT 2011: FRIDAY: 9th day of stay at London. GETTING TERRIBLY BORED: What am I doing? Just thinking. What to do now? What are the things which are worth doing? That’s a good question and must find answer to this. Today had double rounds up to the London Road. First round went running up to Forest Hill corner. Purchased provision from Sainsbury and returned by walk. Again went after taking breakfast and fetched some stickers for Sushama from Tesco express. She has undertaken the work of arranging the Kitchen. Needs to identify containers with labels. Had lunch and both of us are relaxing now. Sushama is watching TV serials and I am sitting in the bed room with my laptop. I am getting bored. There are various things I can undertake right now to overcome the boredom. 1. Write down some article for my blog. This is proving to be difficult since I have not identified fresh topics for my deliberations. So far I have blogged 10 articles on. These are very general in nature. {I aimed to write on a daily basis. Between Quality and Quantity of the articles, I gave preference to the consistent output.} 2. Let us see if I can identify some topics to express my thoughts and observations : 1. Type of constructions at London 2. Draft letters to my clients : a. My routine at Prasad’s home 4. Bhagwad Geeta 5. Experiences of ISO/TS 16949:2009 3. Work in the Excel and carry out some programs. Need to identify issues for developing software .Criterion is that these can be used during my professional work. 4. Carry out photography. Prospective subjects of my photographic sessions. 1. Greenery around 2. Traffic 3. Civil life 4. Birds and insects around 5. Construction practices 5. Make an abstract of what we have done in 9 days of our stay here. 6. Make PPT for ATI supervisor’s batch. 1. Make new PPT for additional topics 2. Make revisions /editing in my existing PPT 7. Rearrange the files on my laptop : 1. Identify redundant files which can be deleted. 2. Organise remaining files 8. Carry out official work :{ this requires talking with the clients.} 9. Sleep peacefully in the afternoons. 10. Watch Television serials 11. Read the books & periodicals: 1. Antaricha magova 2. Evening Standard 12. Surf the net and gain knowledge on new topics (This option is not possible right now since Landline and Internet are expected to be installed in the first week of November 2011) a. Use of Macros in Excel b. concept of Green buildings 13. Identify more places worth visiting and plan visits: a. Alone b. With Sushama Suddenly it dawned on me that BORED DOM is associated with me staying at home. If there is movement outside, there shall not be any opportunity of getting bored. But the real issue is that every day , it shall not be possible for us to move out. There are restrictions of climatic conditions and other factors. Therefore I need to have a more aggressive plan for my own entertainment .

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