Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ARTICLE 02 : Today’s topic is how unforeseen events do take place in the travel planning. I must share with you the episode of our news paper vendor .This man did not raise his monthly bills since year 2003.Reasons are best known to him. Whenever, we remind him he would just have a sheepish smile on his face and next moment he would have gone. Previous week, my son shifted to Pune , along with his family. The goods moved in a truck. Next morning some one must have told our “paper man” that we have shifted . He came panting and asked for the payment. Naturally, we told him that we don’t have any pending bill with us so first he must submit his bill. Next day morning he arrived with a bill of INR 58,750/=. Ha! I was really caught unawares. Next day I was to leave for UK and this gentleman presents me with a bill of half a lac. What to do? Naturally, my cash planning did not anticipate this expense to be taken care of before departure. My wife first assured him that we have not been transferred anywhere and we are going to remain here only. Of-course, we shall be away for a few months but then we are here only. Secondly, we found that the bill which he had must have prepared in extreme haste, raised had many loopholes. This gentle man said he is ready to consider any corrections in the bills. I told him on the day one itself that right now I can provide him some token amount for the confidence and faith he showed on us by not seeking any payment since 2003. Today he came and took that token amount with an assurance from us that after we return, we shall ensure that his legitimate dues are paid in monthly instalments.

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