Tuesday, 11 October 2011

SWANTAH SUKHAY : {For the HAPPINESS of one-self.} I said sometime back that this shall be a monologue with myself. Why so ? Why not for others? There are a few reasons . 1. There is a compulsion to identify the target audience. This within itself carries a big burden. In that process I become nonaligned with my thoughts. 2. The integrity of thoughts is lost the moment there is a perceived recipient of the text. 3. This becomes a matter of continuous evaluation (during writing itself) whether this shall appeal to the audience or not. 4. The moment I address to someone, I am forced to assume an authority on the subject matter. This again is a difficult thing. By my nature, it cannot be a chatting with the audience. It has to be told : a. With correctness b. conviction c. confidence d. In precise words e. In specific language 5. I have a feeling that in taking a review on these points, I might do injustice with the basic brainwave. 6. Keeping all these points in mind, I am going to just speak out my thoughts. Let us say, it’s an attempt at loud thinking. Of course, this does not match with “ATMANO MOKSHARTHAM JAGAT HITAY CHA “

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