Monday, 24 October 2011


ARTICLE NO 15: 24TH OCT 2011: MONDAY ( 12TH DAY ). DHANTERAS 1. BACK TO HORNIMAN : a. Had a walk up to Horniman Museum after breakfast. It was wonderful to see the rangoli by MANJIRI DAVE .It was drawn on the occasion of the Deewali festival. It also displayed some vital information about the importance of drawing Rangoli.
b. I enjoyed the exteriors of Horniman than the interiors.{ With all respect to Mr. Frederick Horniman who has collected the species all round the globe. The gallery of nature is excellent for students learning the Zoology/Biology. This some how did not interest me }.What I really loved are the prize winning gardens of Horniman Museum and the way these have been maintained. There is one glass house on the outskirts .Known as “The conservatory. “ Families can sit here and enjoy the sunlight without the chilling winds.
c. The prize winning Gardens are being redeveloped with a budget of 2.3 Million GBP. The gardens have a vantage point that one can see the panoramic view of the Central London from here. The London eye and surrounding structures can also be located by naked eye. 2. Good evening Mr.Harrod : a. In the evening when Sushama was tying a TORAN on the front door, I glanced outside the main door of the complex. Saw one elderly person doing some pruning work in the garden. Went and asked the gentleman whether it was the rose plants that he was trimming ? It turned out to be Strawberry branches. He had trimmed a few branches from the tree. He was cutting the branches into very small pieces which can be stored neatly in the plastic bag for disposal. b. It was nice to have a conversation with Mr Harrod . He is born in Lewisham East and is staying at the our complex since almost 30 years.The husband & wife together take care of the entire estate . I was quite surprised to know that our building has been constructed in the year 1960.Almost fifty years. The way it has been maintained , it does not look more than 15 years maximum. c. Honestly , this was my first dialogue with an Englishman which lasted for more than 20 minutes and had a potential of continuing further. d. Also checked up with him about i. Beast of Sydenham ii. Forests at Forest Hill e. Thank you so much Mr. Harrod for making me feel quite at home . It was wonderful to have met and interacted with you today.

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