Sunday, 16 October 2011

CYCLE OF CREDIT AND DEBITS : There is a shloka in ninth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta : “Te twam bhuktva swarglokam vishalam ksheene punye martyalokam vishanti “ Means : “ With the support of the good deeds the atma travels to the swarga . Then having consumed all the credit points there, it returns to the earth “ My theory on this is : There is so much comfort here . So much time so much peace of mind. It is as if I am getting the returns of what ever work I have done over there. My conflict is : Whether I have done good works at India and have arrived here to enjoy the benefits or vice versa ? Which therefore entails upon me : To ensure that by continuous actions and perseverance, I must keep my credit points replenished.
Thank you Sandeep ji for appreciating the transcription of the shloka from Bhagwad geeta. This has given me a clarity about my mission over here.May be I can start compiling the verses of Geeta which I really like and also attempt at the transcriptions as inspired from within.. in that direction , let me begin with last Shloka of Geeta. {The 700th verse which is obviously in the 18th chapter.} It says : YATRA YOGESHWARAH KRISHNO YATRA PARTHO DHANURDHARAH. TATRA SHRIRVIJAYO BHUTIRDHRUVA NEETIRMATIRMAMAH "

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